1999 Bombardier BR180

*picture of sister machine

7,000 hours

180 hp Fully electronic (Tier II) Perkins, Bombardier 10'6" 8-Way U-Blade, Symmetrical Tracks: 40" 10' o/a width, Sundstrand hydrostatic transmission, Sundstrand drive motors, Hydrostatic oil tank heater, 2 man insulated cab with electric power tilt, KAB seats (suspension driver's seat), Front & rear wipers w/intermittent, Foot switch for one sweep of wipers, Integral ROPS design, approval S.A.E. # J1040,  Seat belts, Dome and instrument lights, 2 front headlights (halogen double bulb), 1 rear light (halogen double bulb), Full instrumentation, Full instrumentation, Audio visual warning system on major components, 3 section rear hydraulic system.



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