The SW 4S is the most efficient and powerful snow clearing vehicle in its class, because it was designed specifically for this purpose.

HISTORY                                                                                                            Manufactured in Canada, its efficiency has been proven with over 50 years of snow clearing in municipalities all across North America. With over 1500 municipalities using SW sidewalk plows to date, it’s a proven value with a good track record.

DESIGN                                                                                                                        The SW 4S hydro static and micro-processor control system design was based on 20 years of experience with hydro static systems on larger tracked vehicles in North America.

DURABILITY                                                                                                                      The useful working life of the new SW 4S has yet to be determined but if we look at the previous generation vehicles and using our experience with hydro static transmissions we can expect around 15 years and more of unequaled performance. The durability of the SW 4S will contribute to the day to day economic savings of clearing sidewalks as the cost of the vehicle can be spread out over a number of years.

MAINTENANCE                                                                                                                  The hydro static transmission will help reduce maintenance costs because there is less wearing parts in the system. SW customers clearly indicated that their maintenance costs have been reduced drastically. The front adjustable air suspension also will help reduce maintenance costs by reducing vibrations and impact on the vehicle. Easy access to engine compartment, radiator and hydro static transmission, using the tilt cab system, makes maintenance checks fast and easy. The lower maintenance costs translate to lower operating costs, less downtime and lower direct labour which all contribute to considerable savings to the user.

EFFICIENCY/ PRODUCTIVITY                 The unique track design and powerful engine provide the best combination of traction and power for pushing large quantities of snow in the most efficient manner.

MANEUVERABILITY                                 The superior maneuverability provides better control for operators which reduces the operating time and the possibility of unintentional damage to private property. The compact size versus power ratio of the vehicle insures peak performance in all conditions. The SW 4S is able to plow at any ground speed which increases overall efficiency.

SAFETY                                                                                                                             Since this vehicle frequently operates in the vicinity of pedestrians, it is critical to have good visibility all around and precise control. Prinoth designed the SW 4S so that the operator sits high in the front of the vehicle and has extremely good visibility through a very large windshield and side windows. The tapered rear engine hood also aids in better visibility. This unit has a zero turning radius on the tracks.

ENGINE                                                                                                                          SW 4S‘s 99 hp turbo diesel Caterpillar tier III engine provides high torque and high horse power in the most compact vehicle in its class. The Caterpillar engine has proven its reliability over many years and is appreciated by customers.

AIR SUSPENSION                                                                                                              The only one on the market and is equipped with several different features that set it ahead of all the rest, the adjustable air suspension on front wheels to provide better comfort for operator, better stability, smooth riding qualities and increased reliability while reducing vibrations.

ENDLESS RUBBER TRACK                                                                                       The unique endless rubber tracks provide maximum reliability and traction in all conditions. The front part of the track is elevated to permit curb climbing. The new rubber compound with a thicker lug will prolong the life up to 30% longer than before. These tracks now have an option of a carbide stud for icy conditions.

FUEL TANK                                                                                                                      The SW 4S has a large fuel capacity of 120 L., Approximately 10 – 12 hours of operation.

PLOW DOWN PRESSURE                                                                                              The blade is the only one equipped with intermittent down pressure.          

QUICK - ATTACH SYSTEM                                                                                                The quick attach system allows the Camo SW 4S to be equipped with a wide variety of standard skid-steer implements to handle almost any task in any season. Fast, secure attach.

WINTER APPLICATIONS & ATTACHMENTS                                                               With the full set of snow removal attachments the SW 4S is ready for serious work

 - Heavy Duty Two-Stage Fully Hydro static Snow Blower                                             - 48 inch Chute Extension                                                                                           - Standard and high capacity Salt and Sand Spreaders                                         - Cote Heavy Duty Straight Blade                                                                                   - V plow, hydraulic V Plow also available                                                                      - Angle Broom                                                                                                                    - Snow Pusher attachment ideal for parking lots and wide areas                                - Standard Duty Snow Blade                                                                                            - Single Auger Snow Blower ideal for light use.

AORS (Association of Ontario Roads Supervisors) 2016 Trade Show Sturgeon Falls

Currently booking winter demonstrations, give us a call or send an email to book your municipal demonstration this winter.                                                                                        

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