2012 Machinability 2YD Tow Behind Sander

Two Yard Capacity (to top of box), Hot dipped galvanized box. All Compu Spread components, 600 gal. anti-icing tank fits inside main box, Optional replaceable duel 5200 lb axles for greater hauling capacity, Pivoting hitch available with pintle eye for zero tongue load, Front mounted spinner Pre-Wet flow rate related to variable chain speed, Hand crank adjustable gate to equalize salt distribution over the spinner, Easy to adjust and lock chain tensioner, Replaceable bumper, Removable rubber skirt flap to control spread on sidewalks or for broadcasting, Overrated gearbox, salt water tested for 1000 h,  All hydraulic and electrical lines guarded, LED lights meet SAE standards, and are shielded from the salt when loading.