The Shop Industrial has developed a low cost compactor bar that will significantly reduce the time, effort and cost of opening a snowmobile trail system at the start of the grooming season.

Most snowmobile clubs have no choice but to use their drag to pack their trails at the start of the season and in many cases damage the drag in the process. Using the drag for early season trail packing also limits the ability of the operator to maneuver the track vehicle effectively and adds to the overall weight, which does not help when traversing swampy areas or beaver ponds.

The TSI Compactor Bar is the ideal early season trail preparation tool because incorporates light weight, short length and has the ability to be lifted completely off the snow to allow the track vehicle to easily back up and/or turn quick and tight. The TSI Compactor Bar effortlessly compacts snow on the trail to set up a firm base for future grooming with a drag. Proper snow compaction drives the frost into the ground and freezes swampy areas.  The design and simple operation of the TSI Compactor Bar allows the operator to focus primarily on operating the track vehicle, including the blade, and to achieve maximum performance while reducing wear and tear.  The Timmins Snowmobile Club in Northern Ontario reported reducing trail opening times from a period of one week to only 24 hours using the TSI Compactor Bar.


The TSI Compactor Bar can also be used after an exceptionally heavy snow fall or in areas of extreme drifting when the drag can be too much of a load for the track vehicle.  With the light weight TSI Compactor Bar, the performance of any track vehicle in deep snow improves dramatically.  

The TSI Compactor Bar is also designed to be attached to the track vehicle with the drag connected to a rear pintle hook at the same time.  With this configuration, the operator would be able to use the drag up to the point on a trail where the heavy drifting has occurred.  The operator would disconnect the drag at this point and continue through the heavy drifted area with only the TSI Compactor Bar, then return to connect the drag and make the finishing pass.

Requiring only a single hydraulic circuit to operate, the TSI Compactor Bar can be easily adapted to most track vehicles.  Simple in design and requiring very little maintenance, the TSI Compactor Bar utilizes very durable, long wearing UHMW material for compacting the snow.  Available in 7’, 8’ and 10’ widths, custom widths on request