Yellowstone Track Systems

Yellowstone Track Systems uses a system approach for cross country ski grooming,  designing each implement for a specific task; design and function are optimized-form follows function.  Each implement is well thought out, with attention to every detail.  Extensive product testing is done on a regular basis on the Rendezvous Ski Trails here in West Yellowstone, MT. With the introduction of the YTS Ginzugroomer, there is now an implement for every snow condition.

60” YTS Ginzugroomer

The 60” Ginzugroomer is the perfect tool for single classic ski trail preparation. Its’ frame is aluminum and there is powder coated paint on all steel parts. Like our 84” model, there are 2 rows of double knives that provide accurate, progressive cutting of the snow surface. Its’ cutter bars are spring loaded for adjustable tension and safety release. There are rubber mounts for vibrating action in hard snow.

The knives of the Ginzugroomer are “bolt on” and are easily replaceable. There is an HDPE cover behind the knife section to prevent snow from building up on the mat. The electric actuator makes it possible to adjust the depth of cutting while you groom.

The mat is made of heavy rubber and is UV resistant. There are 2 rows of snow comb on the mat section which are easily replaceable.  The groomer can be backed up easily. There are replaceable side skags for side slopes as well.  

Technical specifications:

Weight: 205lbs
Knife cutting width: 30”
Outside frame width: 37"
Overall mat width: 60”

84” YTS Ginzugroomer

The 84" Ginzugroomer is by far our most popular model. It is a great tool for creating beautifully groomed skating lanes, and with the addition of our Ginzugroomer Tracksetter, can be used for classic trail grooming as well.
The Ginzugroomer has 2 rows of double knives with accurate, progressive cut. The cut is adjustable by electric actuator. There are trip springs with adjustable tension and safety release features. There are rubber mounts for vibrating action in hard snow.

The knives "bolt on" and are easily replaceable.
The groomer is constructed with an aluminum frame. All steel parts are powder coated for durability. The hitch height is adjustable and the weight racks are standard and accept up to 200 lbs. of additional weight. The compactor section is a heavy rubber mat that is almost indestructible and UV resistant. The 2 rows of bolt on snow comb are easily replaceable. The wide, soft flaps of the mat are weighted for skier friendly curved sidewalls or perfect overlaps for double pass grooming.

Technical specifications:

Weight: 275lbs
Knife cutting width: 53”
Overall frame width: 61”
Overall mat width: 84”


108” GinzugroOmer

The 108” Ginzugroomer is our largest model for snowmobile use.  It is great for stadium preparation or setting double classic tracks in a single pass.  This is a big groomer and your terrain or snow conditions may limit your ability to pull it.


Technical Specifications:

Technical Specifications: Weight:  325lbs
Cutting bar width:  77”
Frame width:  85”
Overall width with mat:  108”


The YTS HDPE Roller Compactor is built for fast preparation of ski trails regardless of new snow depth.  While some other compactors will work only in small snow accumulations, the combination of roller and finisher in one unit compacts and finishes snow in one pass.
 The Roller material is high-density polyethylene, one of the toughest, slickest materials available today.  The polyurethane finisher is pressed firmly onto the snow with two gas springs.  The compactor lifts up and can be fastened for backing up.  The frame is well constructed to protect all moving parts.  A Lightweight Tracksetter can be attached to the rear crossbar (with optional hitch) to compact, finish and set track in one pass.
Technical Specifications:                       Technical Specifications:                                        Weight:  250#                                          Weight:  300#
 Roller width:  66”                                    Roller Width:  86”
 Roller diameter:  28”                              Roller diameter:  28”
 Compactor width:  72”                           Compactor width:  92”
 Compactor Comb width:  80”                Compactor comb width: 100”   


The YTS Universal Tracksetter meets all the requirements for hydraulically operated tracksetting behind an over snow vehicle.  More than 170 degrees of rotation moves the trackplate up and over the tiller without linkage or fragile gears.  The track arm is very long with excellent lateral control for the smoothest track lines around.  Solid construction provides years of versatile and trouble free operation.  High density polyethelene track molds and plastic base materials keep the tracksetter free from icing.  The cutters in front of the track molds are stainless steel and very aggressive. The lift arm and cylinder are lightweight, compact, and clamp to a 3" x 3" steel or aluminum tube.  YTS Universal Tracksetters can be used singly, or in any combination of numbers to suit the needs of your cross country area. 


Sooner or later, all slopes and trails suffer from hard and icy conditions.  The Front Renovator is designed to remedy this problem in a fast and efficient manner. Frequent use of the Renovator can actually postpone icing of your slopes or trails by mixing and blending new snow with old snow.  The aggressive cutter bar can reach up to 14 inches down into the snow and ice layer (where your blade and tiller cannot reach).  Each unit is supplied with an automatic trip release to avoid implement and slope or trail damage.  The cutting and crushing action of the teeth is increased by the use of rubber spring elements that allow the teeth to vibrate and flex.  The loosened snow and ice are further crushed and broken down by the tracks of the vehicle.  The tiller can then easily finish the job of producing a fine-grained finish.  Using the Renovator in fresh snow will help bond the new snow to the old surface layers, mixing and blending all the layers for a far more durable and skiable slope or trail.  Old colder snow can be mixed with wet snow or slushy snow early in the evening.  The mix freezes more readily, quickly firming up a surface for the next day's skiers. There are many convincing reasons for using a Renovator, the best reasoning being the quality of skiing for your customers.  For cross country, the most convincing benefit is the time saved in track preparation.  In most cases, the use of a Front Renovator will cut the time needed to prepare tracks in hard snow in half!

SNOWMOBILE TRAILS: Often snowmobile trails are groomed with a large mogul planer or drag.  This leaves a very flat and level surface.  When the snow gets hard, the drag cuts off the mogul and fills the hollow.  The trail appears level and smooth, yet the top of the mogul is still hard and the fill is soft.  The trail quickly becomes bumpy again.  By using the Front Renovator and cutting deep into the surface, the trail is now of even density and will last much longer.