Top performance isn’t an option, it’s a requirement.

PRINOTH engineers all its vehicles to this standard and raises the bar by delivering not only exceptional performance, but efficiency, economy, comfort and safety. The PRINOTH Trooper trail groomers tackle the toughest terrain to create trail networks through the most unforgiving country. Not only does PRINOTH get you where you need to go, they save you time, fuel and money along the way.

Most vehicles deliver on their strengths but can’t hide their weaknesses. PRINOTH Trooper trail groomers don’t need to hide. They blend category leading performance at a price point unmatched by the competition; the PRINOTH Trooper offers the best of both worlds – power and affordability, performance without compromise.

Out on a 12-hour trail run, even the toughest operators appreciate PRINOTH’s commitment to cab comfort. Ergonomically advanced and intuitive, PRINOTH’s cabs let you stay out longer and make your trails better.

Grooming the longest, wildest and most extreme trail networks in North America takes guts. But it also takes confidence in your equipment. PRINOTH’s focus on safety allows operators to push performance without worrying about a contingency plan – they know PRINOTH has them covered.

The PRINOTH TROOPER reliably and easily prepares snowmobile trails on the most uneven terrains. The TROOPER will save you time, fuel and a variety of costs. Creating the longest, wildest and most extreme cross-country networks in North America requires guts. But it also requires trust in your gear. PRINOTH's focus on safety allows operators, to rely on performance without worrying about possible technical issues.

Limited ground pressure, simple controls and an automatic braking system complete the innovative vehicle and cabin design of the TROOPER. 


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